Cardiothoracic Advanced Life Support (CALS)

Cardiothoracic Advanced Life Support (CALS) CALS is a one-day course covering key management aspects of the deteriorating and arresting patinet following cardiac surgery.

These include:

   *   Systematic Assessment of the deteriorating patient
  *   The CALS 5 Point Plan
  *   CALS Protocol
  *   Effective Teamwork
  *   Airway and Ventilation Emergencies
  *   Emergency Pacing and Pacemaker Troubleshooting
  *   Emergency Resternotomy

 The course is delivered in a mix of lectures, small group problem based learning sessions, skills training and simulation scenarios. Access to a pre-course online learning component as well as a course handbook are included in the course fee.

For information and to register for CALS, click here: