Developing Countries Delegate Support



A key goal of the World Congress is to facilitate engagement with clinical colleagues from developing and resource limited regions. We have a targeted support program to assist delegate attendance from specific regions so we can contribute to the enhanced provision of critical care where is can make a real difference. Your generosity can assist us in this vital work and, if you grant us permission, we would be pleased to acknowledge your support during the course of the World Congress

 Your support is appreciated and can be made via this secure online form.

To apply for delegate support, refer to the section below.

Applying for Delegate Support


The World Congress is committed to conducting a diverse and inclusive event that celebrates knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration. Moreover, we recognise the importance of supporting attendance by current and future critical care leaders from resource limited and developing countries so they can share the benefits of their professional development with their local communities.

Our program of support offers assistance with travel, accommodation and registration costs to enable attendance of delegates from developing countries who would otherwise be unable to attend the World Congress. Only a limited number of delegate support packages will be available, and selection will be based on the eligibility criteria below and the capacity for applicants to demonstrate how their attendance will positively impact on the delivery of critical care within their community. The granting of support will be subject to the availability of funds and ranking by the selection committee. The closing date for applications will follow after the closing date for abstract submission.

To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • Demonstrate that they live and work in a resource limited/developing region or country

  • Be in a position to make a contribution to the provision of critical care services within their region, and describe how attendance at the World Congress will enhance performance in their professional role

  • Provide a letter of recommendation from unit director, regional healthcare authority, regional critical care organisation or a senior critical care specialist

  • Submit an abstract suitable for an oral or poster presentation to the 2019 World Congress; abstracts for an oral presentation should follow the usual abstract guidelines; abstracts for posters may illustrate the practice of critical care in their region or an aspect of critical care unique to their region

Please send your application to with subject line ''Applying for Delegate Support".