Mini Oral Presentations

tuesday 15th October 2019
10.35am to 10.55am

Implementation of ventilator hyperinflation into clinical practice: evaluation of practice change in a tertiary ICU
Lisa Beach

A multi-faceted tracheostomy decannulation pathway facilitates successful decannulation
Charissa Zaga

Has new technology of use of disposable suction liners reduced ventilator associated pneumonia in the Nairobi Hospital intensive care unit?
Margaret Muiyuro

Turning and suctioning traumatic brain injury patients lead to predictable and sustained episodes of intracranial hypertension
James Anstey

tuesday 15th October 2019
3.35pm to 3.55pm

Variation in Nomad scores between hospitals participating in the UK improving tracheostomy care programme
Barry Coe

Are critical care nurses at risk for experiencing alarm fatigue..?? Developing battle approach to combat alarm fatigue
Jaya Kuruvilla

Impact of a safety and quality improvement program on the safety climate among ICU professionals in a Brazilian university hospital
Rennan Ribeiro

Effects of different visiting policies on ICU syndrom: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Yuchen Wu

Wednesday 16th October 2019
10.35am to 10.55am

Very low internal consistency in modified early warning score parameters: Audit of 873,182 physiological observation sets of 15,103 inpatients
Ekavi Georgousopoulou

Comparing baseline factors associated with MET within 48, 72 and 168 hours of admission to an acute care hospital
Josh Allen

Safe quality services Ebola infection
Shirley S. Fahnbulleh

Switch on! A specifically designed cardiac pacing seminar enhances intensive care nurses response to emergency pacing events
Meredith Heily

Wednesday 16th October 2019
3.35pm to 3.55pm

The effect of exercise dosage on recovery following critical illness: A retrospective medical note audit
Michelle Paton

Social determinants of a critical care readmission to hospital over eleven years
David Pilcher

Pattern of analgesic use in a resource limited ICU in Northern Nigeria
Saidu Yakubu

Creating high performance resuscitation teams: An exploratory study on resuscitation education in intensive care
Kylie Moon

THURSDAY 17th October 2019
10.30am to 10.55am

How does the ICU environment impact staff experience and patient care: Implications for environmental development
Oystein Tronstad

Collaborative effort for Intensive Care Unit in Enugu, Nigeria
Obinna Ajuzieogu

Prevalence of burnout among critical care trainees in South East Nigeria
Obinna Ajuzieogu

Perceived burnout in intensive care nurses before and after transitioning to a new ICU and model of care
Clare Loveday

THURSDAY 17th October 2019
3.35pm to 3.55pm

Cairns Sepsis Models (CSM-4 and CSM-24) – Improved prediction of adult sepsis mortality at ICU admission
Satyen Hargovan

Pharmacokinetic data support 6-hourly dosing of intravenous vitamin C to critically ill patients with septic shock
Elizabeth Hudson

Oncostatin M deficiency results in distinct hemodynamic profile in non-septic and septic mice
Kimberly Macala

Sepsis and septic shock standard document use improves management of patients
Cornelia Ouma

FRIDAY 18th October 2019
10.35am to 10.55am

Avoidance of endotracheal suction in elective post-operative cardiac surgical patients: A non-inferiority randomised controlled trial
Eileen Gilder

Predictive validity of a QT prolongation risk score in a medical intensive care unit
Rochelle Gellatly

Targeting the no-sGC axis to monitor and treat vascular dysfunction and vasoplegia in sepsis
Forough Jahandideh

The impact of mean arterial pressure changes on cerebral autoregulation during sepsis
Armin Alvaro Quispe Cornejo