Rósa Thorsteinsdóttir

Rósa Thorsteinsdóttir, RN, CCN, BSc, FEfCCNa

Rósa graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1977 and a Critical Care Nurse in 1978, in Norway. She was awarded BSc in nursing, in 1996 from the University of Iceland, in Reykjavík. She has held various positions within Critical Care Nursing, as a Clinical Teacher, Head Nurse and Nurse Manager. She has worked in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.

Rósa held the position as a Project Manager in Prevention of Injuries at the Public Health Institute of Iceland for 4 years (2007-2011), introducing and initiating Safe Community in Iceland and also representing Iceland as WHO National Focal Point in prevention of injuries. Since 2011, Rósa holds the position as a CEO at Sun Medical AS and Sólstödur ehf, a Norwegian / Icelandic employment agency, recruiting Icelandic nurses to work in Norwegian hospitals. In addition she has had various projects working as an ICU nurse in Icelandic and Norwegian hospitals, in Nursing Homes and Home Care Nursing.

Rósa is one the founders of the European federation of Critical Care Nursing associations, EfCCNa and has held various board positions as a Meeting Secretary, Vice-President and President from 2008 - 2014. She was awarded the EfCCNa Honorary Fellowship Award in 2015.

She represented the Icelandic Association of Critical Care Nurses, within the World Federation of Critical Care Nurses, WFCCN, from 2003-2017. In addtion she has presented at a various international critical care nursing congresses.

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