Jorge Hidalgo

Dr. Hidalgo was awarded with the most highest recognition that the American College of Physician offer to his members in 2012: “Master of the American College of Physician”. Due to his outstanding contribution to the Society of Critical Care Medicine, he was awarded for seven year in a row with the Presidential Citation Award, he also got the Global Safar Award and in 2016 the American College of Critical Care awarded him with the Master of the American College of Critical Care, he became the First Latin American Intensivist to get this Award. He is fellow of the American College of Chest Physician and he is the author of several chapters and Books on Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Hidalgo is a member and author of the most recently Surviving Sepsis Campaign, he is part of the steering committee of the Alliance against Sepsis and He is a regular international speaker .

Hidalgo Jorge.png