Ingrid Egerod

Ingrid Egerod is professor of clinical nursing in acute and critical care at the University of Copenhagen (Department of Clinical Medicine) and Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet (Intensive Care Unit). She was co-founder of the Nordic Association for Intensive Care Nursing Research (NOFI), a network with biannual meetings in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. She has collaborated in many national, international and interdisciplinary projects on issues related to intensive and critical care. Her main research areas have been in mechanical ventilation (practice and policy), sedation and non-sedation (lighter sedation and communication with awake ventilated patients), ICU diaries (written by nurses and family to aid psychological recovery), ICU follow-up (psychological and cognitive aftercare), ICU delirium (adult, pediatric, general and neurointensive patients), family-centered practice (family experience and involvement in ICU), and bereavement (comparative studies of bereavement practices). A particular focus has been on symptoms in ICU (e.g. pain, discomfort, sleep, thirst, dysphagia) and long-term consequences of acute and critical illness (e.g. rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury).

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