Elisa Estenssoro

Dr. Elisa Estenssoro is currently the Medical Director of the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital Interzonal Agudos San Martín de La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr. Estenssoro’s main focus of research involves clinical epidemiology of ARDS, epidemiology of sepsis and characterization of health inequities in sepsis management, and gender disparities in the ICU staff. She has also worked in the experimental laboratory of Oxygen Transport and Microcirculation Research at the School of Medicine of the National University of La Plata.

Dr. Estenssoro was President of the Argentinian Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SATI) (2008-2009). She is one of the founders of the Latin-American Research Network (LIVEN), and as such has authored studies about organizational aspects in Latin-American ICUs, characterization of ICU workforce in the region and also the ANDROMEDA study, a clinical trial comparing two resuscitation approaches in septic shock.

She has served in the Critical Care Assembly of American Thoracic Society as Chair of the International Affairs (2003-5) and member of the Program Committee (2003-04; and 2010-and 2016-19), and is now member of the Council of the World Federation of Intensive and Critical Care Societies.

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