Claudio Martin

Claudio started practicing Critical Care in the previous millennium, an era when pulmonary artery catheters were standard, only two interleukins were known, and bed shortages existed (proving some things never change). His career started in the lab with rat models of sepsis. Realizing that he needed to get out of the lab to foster real improvement in patient care, he became involved in quality improvement and clinical trials. Claudio says that the greatest pleasure has been to work with colleagues and teams from across the country and around the globe.

More recently, he has reduced his clinical work and focused on population health research with large databases.

His motto is to have fun at work and work at having fun, which includes sailboat racing and downhill skiing. Critical Care has always been an exciting area of healthcare. It is still fun coming to work with so many talented people, and to see them and their projects be successful.

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