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Free papers (4/18)

Central venous access device securement and dressing effectiveness: the cascade pilot randomised controlled trial in adult intensive care
Marion Mitchell

Exploring body morphology and skin microcirculation in patients with critical illness
Jessica Ingleman

Dexmedetomidine reduces noradrenaline requirements and preserves renal microcirculatory perfusion, oxygenation and function in ovine septic acute kidney injury
Yugeesh Lankadeva

Mannitol plus hypertonic saline does not increase risk for acute kidney injury after traumatic brain injury
Asad Patanwala

Haemoglobin estimation by non-invasive pulse co-oximetry or arterial blood co-oximetry are inferior to arterial Hemocue™ estimation during intra-operative haemorrhage
Jigeeshu Divatia

Markers of myocardial injury study
Jonathan Egan

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