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Free papers (2/18)

Plasma citrate concentration and its correlation with total to ionised calcium ratio in patients receiving RCA during CVVHDF
Chris Anstey

A single centre observational study of delayed defaecation in brain injured patients in an adult intensive care unit
Rachael McConnochie

Impact of increase in intracranial pressure for a fixed duration in patients with severe traumatic brain injury: A prospective, observational study
Gaurav Tomar

4% Succinylated gelatine is associated with increased renal oxidative stress in cardiac surgical patients: A pilot randomised controlled trial
Lisa Smart

A single dose of furosemide reduced renal medullary and cortical oxygenation in healthy sheep
Naoya Iguchi

Hospital case volume and clinical outcomes in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury treated with dialysis
Timothy Chimunda

Earlier Event: 16 October
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Lunch Symposium
Later Event: 16 October
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