Wendy Pollock

Dr Wendy Pollock is a critical care nurse and midwife who examined the characteristics, severity of illness and provision of acute health services to critically ill pregnant and postnatal women for her PhD thesis. Wendy has extensive clinical and education experience, and has researched and published extensively on topics related to maternal critical illness and severe maternal morbidity. She sits on the Victorian CCOPMM Maternal Mortality and Morbidity sub-committee, is an Associate Investigator on the Australasian Maternity Outcomes Surveillance System, was the Australian College of Midwives representative on the National Blood Authority Patient Blood Management Guidelines Module 5 – Obstetrics and Maternity, and is the Chair of the Massive Transfusion Registry Obstetric Special Interest Group. Wendy has honorary appointments at The University of Melbourne and La Trobe University, through which she supervises PhD candidates. Wendy runs her own business, Maternal Critical Care, and provides professional education and consultant research services.

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