Sue Berney

Associate Professor Sue Berney is a Clinical and Research Physiotherapist who has been involved with the care of critically ill patients for over 30 years.  She has worked both nationally and internationally and currently is the Manager of Physiotherapy at Austin Health in Melbourne and an Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne.   Her research interests include the physiological effects of physiotherapy interventions in ICU, airway management in trauma, clinical decision making and rehabilitation and the longer term outcomes of survivors of critical illness. She has been an invited speaker both nationally and internationally regarding the role of physiotherapy and rehabilitation in intensive care.  Sue has been awarded two Research Fellowships including an NHMRC Early Career Fellowship and two NHMRC and one Canadian Institute of Health and Research grants all as chief investigator.

Her current research interests include the role of exercise and rehabilitation in the critical care setting and the functional, cognitive and psychological outcomes of survivors of ICU and decision support to translate evidence into practice.

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