Paul Monagle

Prof Paul Monagle is a past chair of the paediatric/perinatal Scientific Subcommittee of ISTH; leader paediatric chapter of the ACCP antithrombotic guidelines for over a decade; member of the NIH working party into thrombotic disorders in paediatric cardiology patients; member of the ASH venous thrombosis guideline steering committee, and chair of the paediatric panel; Co-author of multiple textbooks; 32 chapters in major international textbooks; over 250 publications, with over 10000 citations.

Paul has had a long term interest in thrombosis and anticoagulation in children, as well as reference ranges and normative data.

Paul is a past Stevenson Chair and Head of Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne, a role he held for 8 years; previously 5 years as director of laboratory services, 12 years as Head of Haematology, and 2 years as Acting Head of Children’s Cancer Centre Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH), Melbourne. He continues to work as a clinical haematologist at RCH.

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