Natalie Kondos

Nat Kondos works as the Resuscitation Training Coordinator for Alfred Health- a major state referral metropolitan public health service. Nat has worked at Alfred Health for ten years, previously in education and support roles across the cardiac, general medicine and renal medicine specialities.

She graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor of Nursing (with distinction) and Biomedical Science Honours (with distinction). Nat is currently studying a PhD in Nursing, with the topic of: Medical Emergency Team (MET) stand-down decision making.

Nat has also works as Australian Resuscitation Council ALS1 and ALS2 course director and instructor and is a member of the Victorian branch of the Australian Resuscitation Council. Nat is a passionate advocate of patient safety and is inspired by the application of human factors and crisis resource management to the dynamic context of emergencies in healthcare.

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