Kaye Rolls

Kaye worked at Nepean intensive care for many years holding a variety of positions including clinical nurse specialist, nurse educator, clinical nurse unit manager and data manager. In 2004 Kaye moved onto as statewide role as CNC for Knowledge Management for the Intensive care coordination and monitoring unit where her responsibilities included development and implementation of 11 clinical practice guidelines, moderating ICUConnect and developing online resources for the intensive care visitor.

Kaye has several areas of research. A passion for ensuring critically ill patients receive excellent care has led research on oral care, and infection control including VAP. Her evidence-based practice work led to the development of a unique guideline development process where evidence and expertise are combined using consensus methods. Her doctoral research program focused on how social media and virtual communities can be used to facilitate the dissemination and uptake of knowledge in professional networks. This latter program has led to social media, Wiki and Twitter addictions. In her research fellowship Kaye is developing a program of work addressing Frailty, falls, functional decline and delirium in hospitalised elders. Here she hopes to correct gaps in the Acute care system before she needs it in the near future.

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