Kathleen Thomas

Kathleen is an advanced trainee with the CICM currently doing an ANZICS supported education fellowship in Global Health and Critical Care with Network for Improving Critical Care Systems and Training, a UK based NGO in Sri Lanka. In 2015 she joined Médecins Sans Frontières, and was sent to work as the Intensive Care and Emergency Department supervisor of the Kunduz Trauma Centre in northern Afghanistan, a hospital which provided impartial emergency surgical care for victims of violent and accident trauma. On October 3rd the hospital underwent a sustained hour long aerial attack by the US Military, killing 42 people including 14 of the hospital staff. Kathleen was inside the hospital at the time. After returning home from Afghanistan, Kathleen has been devastated by the growing trend of hospital attacks in conflict zones around the world. She now uses her own story to draw attention to, and advocate against, attacks on medical facilities worldwide. Currently she is collaborating with the DevelopingEM faculty on the Colombo Declaration, aiming to build a demonstrable support body of global independent medical professionals that are not connected to any humanitarian organisation, but are instead acting on an imperative to recognise, protect their colleagues caught up in conflict zones.

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