Alistair Nichol

Alistair is a clinical intensivist, laboratory scientist and clinical trialist. The ‘nerd’ has always been strong with Alistair and he developed a research interest early in his clinical career. He completed a PhD examining a model of infectious ARDS and the effects of hypercapnia on inflammation and damage. This work has led to his ongoing interest in mechanical ventilation and ARDS. Over the past 10 years he has been involved in many observation and clinical studies in ARDS. The culmination of this has been the completion of the PHARLAP trial in ARDS. The PHARLAP investigators examined the effects of high PEEP, recruitment manoeuvres and permissive hypercapnia in patients with ARDS. This trial and its results will impact how we view the safety of such interventions since the publication of the ART trial. We were particularly delighted to have finished this work and realised we had not been beating a dead horse for the last decade.

Alistair is a senior intensivist at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne and St Vincent’s Hospital Dublin, the Dept Director of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care-Research Centre (ANZIC- RC), Monash University, Melbourne, the Chair and Professor of Critical Care Medicine in University College Dublin (UCD), the Chair of the Irish Critical Care-Clinical Trials Group (ICC-CTG), Director of the HRB Irish Critical Care- Clinical Trials Network (HRB ICC-CTN).

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